Monday, April 4, 2011

Green Smoothies

I know some of you make green smoothies and I would LOVE your recipes. We are in a bit of a rut.
Here is the current favorite but it is getting a little redundant. I apologize I don't know the exact amount but I will estimate.
A bunch of spinach-maybe 3 packed handfuls
Apple Juice-about a cup
Vanilla Yogurt-6 oz.
1 Banana-I like to keep it in the fridge so it doesn't bring down the chill of my other ingredients.
1/2-1 juice of a lime-THIS IS KEY, I don't know why but it is just not the same with out it.
Blend~Taste~Add more greens (repeat until you can barely taste the greens but it is still yummy)

It makes enough for a sippy full for about a 10 oz for B and 16 oz. for me.
I like to put them in these sippies. They are $1 and I break the spout for a bigger opening. Straw cups work great too but I don't feel like I can get the staw clean on the inside. It might just be in my head but it freaks me out thinking greens are hiding in there.

I also like these alot. Every few months Costco sends out a coupon for them. You just add milk and a ton of spinach. They are yummy!


Kenna said...

How about this recipe?

I haven't tried it, but saw it today and thought I'd share.

Kenna said...

What about this one?

In a blender put:

4 oz. water
4 oz. white grape juice concentrate
2 heaping cups of ice cubes
2 heaping cups of fresh baby spinach
1 pineapple wedge (see photo below)
2 limes (juice from two limes)

Blend until smooth, and serve immediately