Thursday, June 4, 2009

BBQ advice needed

Being BBQ season, I am once again reminded of my inadaquecies in meat-buying. I would love any tips on how to buy beef and/or pork. I have no idea what different cuts are, what types are good for what type of cooking, etc.

(Shannon - part of this is also specific to you. I tried your Cafe Rio salad and I CLEARLY bought the wrong kind of pork because it was hard as a rock when I pulled it out of the crockpot :) What do you buy?)



Kacey said...

Any pork should work. Pork loin is less fat (much better if you ask me) but can be a little tougher. If you are Paula Dean, then you want the pork butt (shoulder) cause it's tender. But also a lot of fat. If it's rock hard, it probably has not been cooking long enough, or you somehow burnt it in a crock pot.

brooke b said...

I like beef chuck or cross rib roast for crockpot cooking. It is super yummy (and prob. has a little more fat) and I can almost always find it on sale. I don't know about steak because we don't eat that unless we go out.

I've used Pork Loin roast for a crockpot dish and it turned out really well. The recipe called for Picnic Roast but it was way too big and fatty. I agree with Kacey--maybe it wasn't cooked long enough. Also, I usually buy my meat at Albertson's--their meat seems to be better quality than Smith's a lot of the time for some reason. Hope that helps!