Monday, August 11, 2008

Scratchy Pancakes & Daddy Syrup

For MarKey, my sweet sis!
First, the story:
I make these for my daughter and apparently it's THE way pancakes are supposed to taste. She stayed the night at my mother's house last summer and in the morning she told Grandma that she wanted pancakes for breakfast. My mom pulled out her best store bought mix and fixed some for her. She took one bite and said that they didn't taste right and refused to eat any more. So, later on the drive home she told me that Grandma didn't make the pancakes right. I told her that Grandma made her's from a mix and I make them from scratch, so they taste different. This answer seemed to satisfy her, but after a little thought a small voice from the back seat said, "But our pancakes are not scratchy." Thus, the name was born.
The "Daddy Syrup" story is shorter. Our daddy makes syrup at home and it's better than store's a little runny, but the flavor is awesome. Anyway, one day she told me she wanted pancakes for breakfast and wondered if I had Daddy Syrup or the Pantry Syrup. I just thought it was funny that she called them that with no prompting or anything.
Sorry, this was long.....

Scratchy Pancakes
1 1/4 cups flour (can be white or wheat)
1 Tbsp. (or 3 tsp.) Baking Powder
1/2 tsp. salt
1 egg
1 to 1 1/2 cups milk
2 Tbsp. oil
Mix dry ingredients together. Add egg and liquid. Mix to a smooth batter and cook on a hot surface. This will make 10-12 pancakes and they are best on the first day, but the batter can be stored in the fridge.

Daddy Syrup
1 cup water
2 cups sugar
1/2 tsp. Mapeline (imitation maple flavoring)
1 tsp. Imitation vanilla
Add sugar, water, Mapeline, and vanilla to saucepan. Bring the water/sugar mixture to a full boil. Watch it so it doesn’t boil over. Make sure the sugar dissolves, but doesn't burn! Makes 2 1/4 cups.


Clint, Jana, and Dallas said...

MMM.. Yummy. Can't wait for Saturday :)

Jon, Markey & Bennett said...

I have never been a breakfast fan but these really are a good combo!!